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The Mostra Experience 2023 "TME Coffee-cionado"


Can’t get enough coffee? Our TME Coffee-cionado membership is for the coffee lover who wants to take things to the next level. This includes:

TME General Perks

  • Welcome Box
  • Quarterly coffee boxes
  • 10% off in-store and online purchases
  • Free batch brew or Brazil cold brew at all Mostra locations
  • Priority access to select Mostra events
  • Access to exclusive TME merchandise
  • Priority access to select coffee offerings


  • Enhanced quarterly boxes, featuring additional carefully sourced and curated coffees by our award-winning roasting and green buying team!
  • Exclusive TME branded cupping spoon (included in your first box)
  • Priority access to coffee centric events and classes (i.e cuppings, roasting sessions, brewing seminars etc.)
  • Exclusive coffee drinkware
  • Exclusive discounts to Mostra Coffee’s rotating equipment catalog, featuring our trusted and preferred home brewing equipment partners

Membership sign-up closes Dec 31st, while supplies last.

If this is a gift, please email after checkout.