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House Blend


Roast Level: Dark Roast

Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cigar Box, Earthy

Insert classic sayings here:

They say, the House always wins.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We say, when something is a favorite, there’s a reason. We actually say a lot of things around here, but truly one of our main ideologies is, does it taste good? While that may sound simple, simple is always the most extraordinary. The goal with House blend is and always will be to simply make an extraordinary cup of coffee. No razzle dazzle here, just the classic cup you know and love. Pour yourself a mug and enjoy.

Mostra’s House Blend melds together the chocolatey, nuttiness of the Brazil with the earthy, sweet tobacco flavor notes of the Indonesia Sumatra to create a bold, crowd-pleasing blend. We usually use a blend of washed/wet processed lots with some wet-hulled coffee for a more robust profile.