Our Story – MostraCoffee

Our Story

In 2009 two best friends Beverly Magtanong and Jelynn Malone were volunteering to build homes for the poor in the Philippines. They realized that the best way to help build sustainable livelihoods for them, was to help Philippines farmers get paid fairly for their crops - which happened to be coffee. They sought the help of Chef Mike Arquines, who at the time was working at renowned Michelin star restaurants. He and his team would later help to create the masterpiece drinks their cafes are known for. Their coffee would later earn them the most respected and coveted award, “Roaster of the Year”, a title given to only a handful of the best coffee roasters in the world. 

The name “Mostra”, the Italian word for exhibition or show, was chosen to reflect their performance backgrounds. Beverly (opera singer), Jelynn (television & performing arts), Mike (culinary arts), and Sam (decorated Army veteran with a sharp business acumen)—illustrates a rich tapestry of talent and ambition. The four co-founders sought to not only make a difference in the world, but also to live out the essence of "Mostra". An essence which encompasses the arts & music, but also a spirit that is as dynamic and inspiring as the worlds of culinary & sports. 

The idea of embodying the highest levels of dedication and accomplishment, and aligning yourself with the relentless pursuit of greatness starts with a simple ideology:

“Be the reason people see the goodness in humanity”.

The pursuit to do good, that led to a thriving business beloved by the communities they serve; the reason why the company exists in the first place.

“Mostra” highlights the holistic approach to “putting on a show” across diverse fields, celebrating the artistry in coffee making, the finesse in culinary experiences, the harmony in music, the creativity in performing arts, and the heroism of leading to do good. “Mostra” becomes a tribute to the spectacular, a beacon for the extraordinary in all forms of human expression & achievement, where the best performances offer the best of life.