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Philippine Nano Lot Series, Lot 1010

Roast Level
Light Medium Roast

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Introducing our latest offering from our ongoing collaborative venture in the Philippines: our fourth-year collection of unique and experimental "nano-lots" originating from Sitio Belis nestled in the Benguet mountain region. This coffee is a result of Mostra's true "Direct Trade" work in the Philippines. You can find more information about our work and our first trip to the farms on our "About Us" page. Lot 1010, a product of meticulous sorting, comprises exclusively of peaberries, resulting in a distinctive coffee experience. This washed or wet processed blend features typica, bourbon, and san ramon varieties.

Peaberries, formed when only one seed develops within a coffee cherry, exhibit a small, rounded shape compared to the typical flat side with two beans. Though naturally occurring, they represent a small fraction of the harvest. Known for their dense composition, peaberries possess a remarkable ability to absorb high roasting temperatures, while their tightly packed cellulose structure facilitates enhanced sugar caramelization, yielding a notably sweet cup profile.

Sitio Belis, situated atop the Benguet mountain range in the Philippines at elevations ranging from 1400 to 1700 meters above sea level, boasts a rich agricultural landscape sustained by perennial natural springs. Originally primarily cultivating sayote, local farmers expanded into coffee cultivation following increased demand. Over the years, the Ibaloi tribe farmers, with their inherited traditions and external training, developed diverse coffee processing techniques, albeit with inconsistent quality.

The establishment of a community washing station marked a turning point, fostering collective learning among farmers and their descendants. Those with fewer trees found opportunity in processing, while others received financial support to boost harvest through hiring additional labor. Daily, freshly harvested cherries are brought to the mill, swiftly processed into honey or washed coffees. Honey processed beans undergo pulping and dry fermentation before meticulous drying on raised beds, while washed beans undergo wet fermentation followed by multiple washes for complete mucilage removal. Unforeseen weather challenges during the harvest season necessitated extended drying times, with most coffees requiring 4-6 weeks. After a subsequent resting period in grainpro bags, the beans undergo hulling and hand sorting.

From its modest beginnings with 15 farmers, the Sitio Belis mill now collaborates with over 100 farmers, a testament to the community's growth and dedication. Financial assistance facilitates increased harvest capacity, while cooperative processing ensures equitable opportunities for all contributors. In 2023, Sitio Belis achieved a production milestone of 7.2 tons of specialty coffee, showcasing its commitment to quality and sustainability. Sitio Belis cultivates five coffee varieties, processed through various methods including washed, honey, natural, and experimental techniques, offering a diverse range of flavors and experiences.

Flavor Notes
Figs, Almond Butter Cups, Ginger Spice
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