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Ethiopia Gera Genji Challa Instant Coffee


Join us in reliving the thrill of winning Roaster of the Year with one of the coffees that made it possible.

This Ethiopia Gera Genji Challa has been something we have gone back to every year since it was a winning submission for Mostra to be 2020 Roaster of the Year. Each year has seen some variance in exactly what hits the palate, but the super high growing altitudes and exacting practices at the private mill have brought consistent quality our way. This year it is a little more floral, with silver needle tea leading into kefir lime note, Portuguese marmalade bridging that floral-fruity sweetness, and then a strong round finish of Orange Julius and Cinnabon icing. Sure, some variance in tasting notes from the exotic to the… well, to the mall, but when it’s accurate, it takes all kinds.

What makes Mostra tick like Mostra is that it takes all kinds of. Our founders range from a Hollywood actor to an acclaimed chef, classically trained opera singer to a veteran with an extensively successful history in assisted living. It’d be easy to take up your whole page with our story, so instead click this link to revisit our winning Roast Magazine article before more about this lovely coffee.

Introducing our NEW, award-winning Mostra Instant Coffee 4-Pack tins. We have teamed up with Coracle to get that specialty coffee taste without the wait. Made with dissolvable packets, this instant coffee is perfect for your busy mornings, adventurous outings, or a mid-day pick-me-up. Simply drop the whole packet into a cup of hot water, stir, and enjoy!

Now you can enjoy Mostra Coffee in seconds… anytime, anywhere!

Step 1: Pour 8-10 oz. of hot water into your cup. (We personally recommend 10 oz.)

Step 2: Add 1 instant coffee sachet into your mug or cup. 

Step 3: Watch it magically dissolve, stir and enjoy!

2020 Roaster of the Year

Recognized as one of the top roasters in the world.

Mostra is honored to be among the best coffee roasters in the world. It is a significant recognition among the coffee roasting industry and signifies not just great tasting coffee, but a holistic approach to the business of coffee that takes into account ethical, social, and environmental considerations.