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Rwanda Kinini Village AA


Flavor Notes: Peach, Marshmallow, Brown Sugar

At Mostra, we don't often buy coffee from Rwanda but this lot stood out to our Coffee Buying team and we knew it was special. We are pleased to introduce you to this Kinini Village AA lot and show you the great tasting results of hard work being done in Rwanda!

“Kinini” means, literally, ‘this big thing right here’. It is the name of the collaboration of cooperatives seeking to pool their efforts to improve their lots and 85% of the members are women.

We are able to bring in this lot from Kinini through Crop to Cup who buy both their washed and natural process coffees and is their sole importer into the US. Coffee like this is the dream of Jacquie Turner and Malcolm Clear who aim to have generational impact on communities without having to continually fundraise money for aid projects. Through unprecedented work, Kinini leased parcels of land from neighboring farms and provided them with coffee trees, training, built mills and washing stations, and handled exporting the coffee. 3 years later, they had their first substantial harvest and were making waves with the quality of coffee they were producing.

From the Importer- Crop to Cup My favorite thing every year is seeing producers reach their export goals, whether those are based on quality, quantity, processing improvements, etc. This group produced coffee that was by far the best quality I have tasted from them to date in our lab.

Rwanda Kinini Village- The best import to date from Kinini, a group that only has had an upward trajectory since they started, and they started with high-scoring coffees! This lot re-calibrated my concept of what this coffee could be, adding new levels of sweetness and fruit complexity- the result of an incredible amount of work. Its lingering sweet finish was perhaps the longest of the year.

2020 Roaster of the Year

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Mostra is honored to be among the best coffee roasters in the world. It is a significant recognition among the coffee roasting industry and signifies not just great tasting coffee, but a holistic approach to the business of coffee that takes into account ethical, social, and environmental considerations.