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El Salvador Red Bourbon


Roast Level: Light Roast

Cotton Candy Grapes • Hot chocolate • Almond Butter

A smooth operator for a great morning cup with a bit of extra nuance, this light-medium roast isn’t as heavy as some of the full-blown medium roast offerings and maintains a little more fruit characteristics but with plenty of roundness and body.

When Anny Ruth Courson née Pimentel took over the family farm Loma la Gloria in 2012, she started experimenting with processing and focused on reaching out directly to roasters globally. We had the chance to have a cup of coffee with Anny Ruth at our Carmel Mountain store and pick out a few of our favorites from the harvest.

This coffee is yellow honey processed, and we've seen this process firsthand at Loma La Gloria a few years back. These batches are carefully monitored and turned to ensure controlled maceration and fermentation, and this is just one example of why Anny Ruth has been a rising star in the coffee world. Also, she has two awesome, giant dogs and a newborn!