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The World’s Most Popular Independent Cafes

The World’s Most Popular Independent Cafes

Hannah Murray

Mostra Coffee, a San Diego gem, secured a place among the top 10 of hundreds of cafes on a worldwide ranking of popular independent cafes! This study, conducted by Betway, analyzed social media engagement and online searches to identify the coffee shops generating the most buzz.

Mostra impressed with 122,100 TikTok views and 11,233 Instagram mentions under its hashtag, showcasing its popularity amongst coffee enthusiasts. The cafe is renowned for its innovative cold brews, like the Philippine Coconut and Vanilla Bean and the Choconana made with house-brewed banana milk.

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Overall, the ranking highlights the thriving global coffee scene and the unique experiences independent cafes offer. From Tokyo's Onibus Coffee, the top contender, to cafes in Mexico City, India, and the UK, the list celebrates diversity and innovation within the coffee world.

Mostra's inclusion among esteemed international cafes underscores its local appeal and unique offerings. So, if you're in San Diego and seeking a delicious and trendy coffee experience, Mostra Coffee is definitely worth checking out!

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