Welcome to the "Mostra Monday" Podcast – MostraCoffee
Welcome to the "Mostra Monday" Podcast

Welcome to the "Mostra Monday" Podcast

Hannah Murray

We are excited to share this long-awaited project with you all, so without further ado… welcome to the Mostra Monday Podcast! Creating a space to share experiences is something we cherish and value, and we wanted to bring that to you! In 2013, we set out to put the Philippines back on the coffee map. From our first origin trip in 2015 to receiving multiple 92+ point Coffee Review rated Philippine coffees, it has been a full circle, the wildest dream come true for us. Being a small business has its ups and downs, but why not celebrate the journey? It’s not easy, but we can assure you it has been worth it.

We’re breaking down the raw, honest truth behind what it looks like to be a small business. From heartaches to headaches, to tears of success, joy, and fulfillment, trust us, we’ve seen it all. Join BFFs and Co-founders Jelynn Malone and Beverly Magtanong in discussing performance from an entrepreneurial lens with special guests from far and wide who embody goodness and impactfulness.

For all our mamas out there, this one’s for you. Yep, we’re talking babies and business. In our most recent episode, Jelynn and Bev talk about going into business with friends and family, a situation the universe advises to steer clear of. But, if you’re this dynamic duo, the possibilities are limitless! Whether you’re on your morning commute, out on a walk, or just waking up, we want to chat with you! Check out recent episodes on Spotify and YouTube.

Per usual, drink coffee and be happy! Talk soon, readers!

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