Son Of Ghost Bear – MostraCoffee

Son Of Ghost Bear

Roast Level
Light Roast

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Bright, funky, fruity, juicy, lively - this ain’t your papa Ghost Bear.

Son of Ghost Bear strikes out as a prodigal blend; where Ghost Bear was inspired as Mostra founders slept on hallowed ancestral ground, Son of Ghost Bear cuts a little more modern of a path across your palate. Going beyond the bear essentials ;-) of a smooth, chocolaty espresso, you can expect a blend featuring a natural processed coffee like this to really pop off.

Our mid-2020 blend works well as espresso dosed at 21.5 grams, yielding 41 grams at 6 bars of pressure with a 12 second pre-infusion. Your home machine may not allow those parameters, but go wild - that’s the nature of this beast!! Those recommended parameters vary seasonally, and each blend will have a little bit of a different character, but every single one will be bursting with the illustration that coffee is a fruit. We encourage everyone to play around with this one.

Flavor Notes
Mixed Berries & Cream, Orange Marmalade, Acacia Honey
2020 Roaster of the Year

Recognized as one of the top roasters in the world.

Mostra is honored to be among the best coffee roasters in the world. It is a significant recognition among the coffee roasting industry and signifies not just great tasting coffee, but a holistic approach to the business of coffee that takes into account ethical, social, and environmental considerations.