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Son Of Ghost Bear


Roast Level: Light Roast

Bright, funky, fruity, juicy, lively - this ain’t your papa Ghost Bear.

Son of Ghost Bear strikes out as a prodigal blend; where Ghost Bear was inspired as Mostra founders slept on hallowed ancestral ground, Son of Ghost Bear cuts a little more modern of a path across your palate. Going beyond the bear essentials ;-) of a smooth, chocolaty espresso, you can expect a blend featuring a natural processed coffee like this to really pop off.

Our mid-2020 blend works well as espresso dosed at 21.5 grams, yielding 41 grams at 6 bars of pressure with a 12 second pre-infusion. Your home machine may not allow those parameters, but go wild - that’s the nature of this beast!! Those recommended parameters vary seasonally, and each blend will have a little bit of a different character, but every single one will be bursting with the illustration that coffee is a fruit. We encourage everyone to play around with this one.