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Better Together Valentine's Bundle

Roast Level
Medium Roast

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Unleash a love story in every cup with this limited-edition duo, crafted to ignite your senses and warm your heart. This Better Together Bundle combines Ghost Bear with the sweet symphony of Love at First Sip, perfect for those who savor both adventure and romance this Valentine's Day.

Love at First Sip (12oz): Let love bloom this Valentine's Day with this medium roast symphony as the day unfolds. Imagine candlelit dinners and stolen kisses captured in the delicate dance of chocolate, red velvet cake, and a hint of raspberry soufflé. Each sip whispers sweet nothings, perfect for cozy moments and whispered secrets. This coffee is not just a beverage; it's an invitation to create memories. Whether shared during a quiet evening with a loved one or savored in solitude with a good book, its versatility makes it suitable for any time of the day. So, surrender to the allure, unwind, and let the essence of love unfold with every exquisite sip. No regrets, only moments beautifully embraced!

Ghost Bear  (12oz): Journey deep into the Philippine mountains, where legend whispers of shadowy figures amidst volcanic peaks. This dark roast espresso unfolds like a thrilling tale with its rich chocolate and caramelized notes laced with vibrant stone fruit. The vanilla and dark fruit notes of their beans are complemented by the chocolate caramel flavors traditionally found in Latin American coffees, creating this well-balanced and delicious blend - beautifully designed and roasted specifically with espresso in mind.

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