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Brazil Sitio Da Serra

Roast Level
Medium Roast

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Process: Dry/Natural

From Producer José Carlos Gonzaga, Sítio da Serra, has more than 30 years of history, starting its activities in the 90 decade. Belonging to the Gonzaga Family, one of the oldest and most traditional producing families of specialty coffees in Matas de Minas. Located on the banks of Serra do Brigadeiro Park, famous for the beautiful Atlantic Forest reserve with its rare Muriqui primates, it has coffee plantations in the midst of beautiful mountains and lush forests.

Jose employs a selective harvest. Normally farmers would harvest first a side of the coffee that is more mature and leave the others side to harvest when they achieve the maturation point. Here, coffee in the yard it is moved (rotated) several times a day until it reaches the half-dry point, then is sent to the dryer until it reaches 11% humidity.

Jose also practices and is concerned about environmental sustainability. Therefore they actively manage and prioritize the preservation of native forests and water sources. They practice manual weed management; thus avoiding the chemical control of the bush and providing the natural control of erosion, and mainly avoiding the silting of the rivers. As it is located in an area of altitude, when managing the forest correctly, it improves infiltration of rainwater, contributing to the recharge of water sources. Cultural treatments are carried out with extra care. The balance between the actions, and the quality of the soil, contribute significantly to the aroma and quality of the drink.

Also of note, the majority of the commercial coffees in Brazil have about 250 days from the flowering to the harvest in cherries. In his farm it has 290 to 360 days. That longer period between flowering and harvesting provides denser coffee, more sweetness, higher yield of soluble solids, and Higher green shelf life.

Flavor Notes
Red Fruit, Velvety Body, Shortbread Crust
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