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Colombia Delagua Mokka

Roast Level
Light Roast
7 oz.
Whole Bean

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Coming to us from Equation- the larger company behind the infamous La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia, is the Delagua Mokka. The Delagua project in particular, uses practices from the Neighbors and Crops relationship program that enables local coffee producers to sell their coffee in cherry to be processed by La Palma y El Tucan. By adopting this practice, the Delagua project pays small-scale producers from the municipality of Cienega In Madgalena more than the average price in the country.

This Mokka nano lot comes from only 1200 trees, grown at an elevation of 1680 MASL and was produced by Edwin Martinez. Fermentation: 21 hours of anaerobic fermentation and dried on raised beds for 32 days. 80% of the coffee was processed naturally, and the other 20% is honey.

With this project, water conservation is top of mind and one of its main missions aiming to use the minimum amounts of water in coffee processing, and encouraging the team and traditional coffee growers inhabiting the region to become extensions of biodiversity.

Mokka varietals, a mutation of the Bourbon branch of Arabica, are known for thick and heavy cup characteristics on one hand, while natural (or dry) processed coffees usually have fruitier notes.

Flavor Notes
Warm Fudge, Strawberry, White Rose, Ice Cream Crunch
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