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Colombia Papayo

Roast Level
Light Roast

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Don Luis Anibal Calderón's coffees from Finca Villa Betulia are revered as some of the best in Colombia. The farm boasts an impressive array of exotic varieties, including Papayo, Caturron, Chili Bourbon, Tabi, Java, Sidra, Striped Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Geisha, Maragogype, Pacamara, Marageisha, and Wush Wush.

Don Luis Anibal, living and working with his family at Villa Betulia, began his coffee journey as a teenager when he inherited a small piece of land from his father. Over time, he expanded the farm to 20 hectares. Despite facing severe financial difficulties due to a failed business deal, he persevered. By showcasing his rare coffee varieties to a Colombian exporter, he secured premium prices for his exceptional quality coffees. This success enabled him to diversify and expand his coffee varieties, transforming Villa Betulia into one of the most notable and respected farms in Huila.

The Papayo variety is particularly rare, seldom found outside of Huila. Its elongated cherries resemble papayas, and the variety is prized for its natural resistance to leaf rust and healthy production yields. While considered a natural mutation by local producers, further genetic studies are needed for confirmation. Current research indicates that Papayo has roots in Ethiopian landraces and shares characteristics with Bourbon varieties from Brazil.

The coffee at Villa Betulia is manually harvested. Cherries undergo an initial 24-48 hour whole cherry fermentation, followed by pulping and gentle washing to remove residual mucilage. The coffee is then dried on raised beds in a greenhouse solar dryer, combining solar energy with protection from precipitation. This method ensures even drying over 15 to 20 days, with routine raking and rotation. Once dried, the coffee is stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse for 20 to 30 days before export.

Flavor Notes
Pineapple Gummy Bears, White Tea, Nectarines
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