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Colombia Sergio Roldan


Roast Type
Light Roast

Another natural processed coffee for Mostra, what is the world coming to!? What used to be rare for our sourcing team, naturals are slowly becoming a more steady part of our offerings.

Our Coffee Buying team can be very very picky about how “clean” a natural needs to be. Sometimes when the coffee seed (or bean, if that’s your preferred nomenclature) is dried inside the coffee cherry as it is in natural processed coffee, over-fermentation and other funky flavors can come up. Occasionally this is subtle and pleasant, other times not so much.

This coffee is a little outside the "usual" box of dry processed coffees for us but our number 1 rule is "does it taste good?" and this coffee definitely tastes great - you wouldn’t be seeing it otherwise!!

Sergio Roldan produces one of the first Chirosos we have sampled produced as a natural. Coming from Urrao, Antioquia and comprised of Caturra, Chiroso and Colombia varietals, the coffee deviates a lot from the naturals we are seeing out of Colombia as this one has a more rounded and balanced taste. Don't believe us? We sent it to Coffee Review we thought it was so special.

93 points from! Here is their take:


Blind assessment: Sweetly tart, chocolaty. Pomegranate, baking chocolate, orange zest, almond, oak in aroma and cup. Tart-leaning structure with brisk acidity; plush, chewy mouthfeel. Crisply chocolaty finish with undertones of pomegranate and almond.

The bottom line: A crisp, fruit-centered natural Colombia with nice chocolate notes throughout the cup.