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Ethiopia Midnight Guji


Roast Level: Dark Roast

This coffee is a less roasty but pretty dang dark roast with deep purple flavors in the cup. We get that Ethiopia isn’t commonly seen as a dark roast given the beautiful natural complexity the various regions illustrate as a lighter roast, but we also feel like those flavors can contribute unique nuances for our dark roast fans. Just like in the past 15+ years at the end of the “second wave” of coffee, way back before Mostra, when roasters figured out that instead of using “blender” coffee for blends that using top-level coffee made better espresso, we apply the same thought to our dark roast offerings. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!)

This natural/dry processed coffee is a blend from a Farmers Collective Society that was transparently sourced all along the supply chain by Ashenafi Argaw’s organization.