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Gesha Spirits

Roast Level
Light Roast

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Often spelled as Geisha, Gesha is also an accurate spelling and to be honest, we rock n' roll with the farmers' preference. Simply put, this coffee is bang-up good. On the cupping table, we got a ginger like snap on aroma, followed up by lavender and earl grey tea notes in the cup and last but not least, all the juiciness this coffee has to offer. Wilder Lasso says Gesha is the jewel of his farm, Bella Alejandría which sits at 1890 MASL in the Huila region of Colombia.

This is a double fermentation lot with 200 hours submerged anaerobic fermentation in mucilage, which helps to develop an outstanding floral and citric profile. Dried exposed to the sun for 18 days and stabilized at Lasso's warehouse at Tocora for 25 days before milling. Wilder Lasso is a Veterinarian turned coffee producer since 2017, when he came to help his father at his farm Tocora in the mountains of San Adolfo. Because of his passion for coffee and family history in coffee producing, Wilder entered the coffee world in a unique way and used his background in genetics, and relentless energy to begin a varietal program in Tocora, which now includes more than 12 different varieties, which have been carefully selected from different origins.

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