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Kenya Muwa Estate AA


More Kenyan coffee you say!? Yes, always more Kenyan coffees! A favorite region of our Director of Coffee, Ryan and Head Roaster, Nick, this year has been the best in recent memory for Kenyan coffees here at Mostra. COVID seemed to bring about some troubles along the supply chain and we didn't find too many lots knocking our socks off the past couple years. Fast forward to 2022, we can't stop tasting great lots and that means more deliciousness in your cup. The great thing about having so many nice tasting coffees from the same region, we get to be really picky and choose only the hardest sock knocker off-ers out there.

This lot from Muwa Estate,is from the southwestern slopes of Mt. Kenya where the gentle decent is interrupted by a hill the Kikuyu people called Kia-Nyiri, which British colonists shorten to Nyeri by way of naming an outpost that was established on the spot, a natural crossroad for travel and trade in the early days of the 20th century. The commercial cultivation of coffee, new to Kenya, helped grow the outpost into a town. Since 1999, nearby Muwa Estate has been processing its own coffee and that of other smallholders in a factory on the outskirts of Nyeri. Most of the farmers in the region grow SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and some Baitan in the red volcanic soil under the shade of macadamia and gravellea trees alongside tea, banana, and corn.

You may also notice that this coffee is notated as AA instead of PB like most of our recent offerings from Kenya. The AA outturn just means it's the largest bean separation from a particular coffee process batch. Every process batch is made up of a fairly wide range of different sized beans, and in Kenya these sizes are grouped together by range measured in 1/16ths of an inch. These different classifications are generally referred to as "outturns", the most common being "AA" = 17-19 1/64", "AB" = 15-17 1/64", and peaberry."PB".

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