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Kenya Ruera Peaberry


Roast Level: Light Roast

Flavor Notes: star jasmine, maple syrup, sun dried tomatoes

This lot is comprised of Batian, K7, Ruiru 11, and SL28 varietals from the Kiambu Region. It is grown at an altitude of 1300MASL in red volcanic, nutrient rich soil. Peaberries occur when only one of two seeds develops inside a coffee cherry, taking a small, rounded shape, rather than developing the normal flat side of a cherry with two coffee beans. Peaberries are naturally occurring, but make up a very small amount of the harvest. They tend to be quite dense, absorbing high heat in the roaster, and the tightly packed cellulose has a high potential for sugar caramelization, resulting in high cup sweetness.

Ruera Estate provides employment to 1,000 people picking and processing coffee on nearly 500 acres of land in Kiambu County, Juja Sub County. It is approximately 15 km from Ruiru town along Kiganjo road. Soils are red volcanic, with the landscape sloping gradually amidst low-lying hills rising above 1,500 meters. The area has two rainy seasons: March to May and October to December; with two corresponding harvest seasons: May to June and November to December. Irrigation of coffee is carried out during the alternate dry seasons.