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Panama Bambito Estate Red Bourbon

Roast Level
Light Medium Roast

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Flavor Notes: Watermelon, Chocolate Milkshake, Ranier Cherry

In 2021 we had the pleasure of sourcing an amazing nano-lot from Bambito Estate. Bambito won 1st place in the Best of Panama competition with a washed Geisha that year with one of the loftiest gradings in the world! While this isn’t that lot, this 100% Red Bourbon cultivar is quite a treat in its own right. This dry/natural processed coffee is thick and rich as a fruit-layered shot of espresso.

Here is a bit from the estate in their own words: “Bambito Estate Coffee has been in our family since the early 1900s. Alberto Sittón Rios acquired the farm from his father in 1945 in the mountains of Bambito, Chiriqui Province, Panama. The farm in Bambito was Alberto’s passion as it was his way to continue a family tradition. Nowadays, Bambito continues to be a family business, now in its fourth and fifth generation. Our coffee plantation is at an altitude between 1,660 and 1,800 meters, located between two national forest parks and crossed by two mountain ridges from east to west, creating two natural microclimates. These ridges protect our coffee trees from the summer north winds. We also have two water springs, which are the main source of water for our mill. Bambito has its own greenhouse and cupping room. We use the greenhouse to preserve coffee tree genetics and maintain a young plantation. The coffee process byproducts (coffee pulp/mucilage liquid) are used as a source of organic fertilizer. In the cupping room, we prepare coffee for quality control and are happy to receive guests to share the experience of tasting the different varieties in Bambito Estate. Furthermore, we are committed to providing a healthy and social work environment, respectful of the land that allows us to grow our outstanding coffee. We incorporated the community in our Social Responsibility Program, providing breakfast during the school year to the nearby elementary school students. Bambito also organizes a Christmas gathering during the holidays where we provide food and gifts to the whole community.”

2020 Roaster of the Year

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