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Philippine Belinda Besto Instant Coffee


Roast Level: Dark Roast

Flavor Notes: Peanut Butter Cup, Cream Soda, Nutmeg

The #2 lot from the Philippine Coffee Auction.

Welcome to our Philippine Auction Lot Series, 9 lots we purchased from the 2022 Philippine Coffee Auction! We are always looking to highlight Philippine coffee and are thrilled to announce the second coffee in this series. In 2022, we faced the challenge of low harvest yields by the farmers we have traditionally worked with, so we sought other mediums and new producers to help us on our mission. Having previously cupped coffee from the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC) at the Coffee Expo in April of 2022 while simultaneously winning the US Roaster Championship, we tasted some fantastic lots of coffee. We worked with Kalsada to devise a plan to buy the coffee from the PCQC.

These 9 lots come from various farmers in Bukidnon and Davao del Sur and are an excellent reminder that great coffee is being grown all over the Philippines. Help us shine a light on underrepresented regions and put Philippine coffee on the map while enjoying a supremely excellent cup of coffee. This coffee highlights Belinda Besto. Her washed Typica came in 4th in #PCQC2022 under the Specialty Arabica category and is one of three Arabica farmers from the Bukidnon province.

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Step 1: Pour 8-10 oz. of hot water into your cup. (We personally recommend 10 oz.)

Step 2: Add 1 instant coffee sachet into your mug or cup. 

Step 3: Watch it magically dissolve, stir and enjoy!